Enter The Wolf's Den

Are you ashamed of your voice? Would you voice act anything that people might think would be ridiculous cause of the fan base behind it? Then Join Us! As you might have noticed...this is a non- profit (for the time being) production team that have just started on its legs. But despite that minor issue we are a bunch of college students who are working together towards each other's future and will not stop even when we reached our limits. That's just how our pack rolls.

Join the Pack

As said above..we work together towards each and every one of our futures. If you need support in any way we will try our best to be there for you no matter the cause. We don't turn our backs on people who sees themselves achieving in life. If you're interested in a fun experience between not only co-workers..but life long friends then don't be afraid to contact us.


VSW Productions

08/21/2014 20:17
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