About Us

VSW Productions started as three high school boys just spitting out ideas and now it's something bigger. Our ideas started to come to life as we brought them on paper. From drawing to live actions we are always willing to put our best foot forward and brace the future with heads held high.

Vendetta's Alpha

As it was stated many times before..the amount of years that was bulding up to this time waa hard and teachrous. Dwayne Dixon..the head os VSW Productions..was always a loner at heart and an amazing artist in many ways. It wasn't until his high school years where he met his co-creator Daniel Nunez..that Dwayne have opened up. Ever since then the two have been developing a close brotherly bond that caused the development of their first project ever "Project Saints"..which only a preview of the first episode have been released to the public at this time. With many bonds that came afterward..the dup met another by the name of Dwight Hargett. With his talents on the guitar..the music was no longer an issue. Five years ago the trio just used improv just for fun but little did they know that the story of "Project Saints" and the creation of VSW Production have been forming ever since.


Kuro ni Fedo:

"Over the course of Japanese history some of the most adored and cherished Japanese animations had sprung into the hearts of many leaving only joy with either their simplistic or complex style of writing. With a massive audience that had grown over seas to America nothing about that aspect have changed. Many animations from the Japanese culture tends to captivate their audience and advent communities by their stories keeping their fans in suspense and wanting more out of these series. Even if American animations have been around for as long as the Japanese's own..many people..especially teenagers in this time have enjoyed the Japanese style more than their native own. But when an American native tries to write a story that is more alien to their nature..would the project even last or will it be magical and capture the hearts of many? If you want to see how the results went you have to tune in." - Dwayne Dixon


"Vendetta Gaming" (Working Title) / Vendetta Brawl:

For all you gamers out there rejoice! This is a small side project that will involve the cast of Kuro ni Fedo and the rest of the production crew playing video games of all kind featuring both PC and Console gaming alike. For "Vendetta Gaming", the games will be centered more on single player, much like walkthroughs and such. Not much else to say that isn't clear to you already. As for "Vendetta Brawl" (if the title doesn't says it all) will involve mostly multiplayer games. Two or more players will either battle it out in a blood thirsty fight to the virtual death or help each other in a grand adventure to save the world, princess, or whatever. There will be let's plays on Vendetta Brawl as well, but only if we are playing co-op. If not, how can we.  


"End Tide: Disjunction"


A live action fan adaption to Cheetah's "End Tide" (2013)

Not much to be said since the script is still being worked on. 


The Beginning...

The years past by so fast but the beginning can never be forgotten. In the year 2009 two boys had made an amazing friendship that later turned into a brotherhood. Not soon after a group formed...that kept growing and growing and within those years LXG was formed and that was where we met our musician. First to be a band of misfits but later became like a family to everyone they came in contact with us. I witnessed the whole thing from beginning to end...Cause I was the head and I had a magnificent amount of body support. - Dwayne Dixon